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Spiegazione scientifica e scienze cognitive



Il computazionalismo secondo Fodor

Jerry Fodor (1935- )"The main argument of this book runs as follows:
1. The only psychological models of cognitive processes that seem even remotely plausible represent such processes as computational.
2. Computation presupposes a medium of computation: a representational system.
3. Remotely plausible theories are better than no theories at all.
4. We are thus provisionally committed to attributing a representation system to organisms. 'Provisionally committed' means: committed insofar as we attribute cognitive processes to organisms and insofar as we take seriously such theories of these processes as are currently available.
5. It is a reasonable research goal to try to characterize the representational system to which we thus find ourselves provisionally committed.
6. It is a reasonable research strategy to try to infer this characterization from the details of such psychological theories as seem likely to prove true.
7. This strategy may actually work: It is possible to exhibit specimen inferences along the lines of item 6 which, if not precisely apodictic, have at least an air of prima facie plausibility"

Jerry Fodor, 1975


UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pisa, Corso di Epistemologia ( prof. G. Tamburrini), AA. 2000-2001